accurate and smart
OK see is a collaboration of IT recruiters
We are united by the love of challenging tasks.
Finding a perfect fit is often a complex puzzle. Such puzzles are our passion. And the more complex the task is, the more valuable the result.
from Belarus, Lithuania and Poland
Three rules that we follow in our work:
We look at the resume and see a person with goals, plans and feelings. We personally communicate with candidates, honestly present vacancies and take into account their wishes.
the candidate
We immerse ourselves in culture, business processes. We start with a personal meeting. No pressure.
We save time. We achieve the result.
the company
Our goal is not just to fill a vacancy, but to find the right fit for each other.
the perfect fit
We work with IT projects all over the world. They differ in scale, culture and processes.
We find the right employees for each one.
закрытых вакансий
But we promise that the recruitment process will be competent, transparent and will give the desired result.
We do not promise to fill a vacancy in 3 days.
of customers find us based on recommendations
Our principles
We understand the needs of the company
Open vacancies are a request for missing competencies and experience. This is what will help the company become stronger and more successful. This is the task we solve together with the business when we are looking for a suitable employee.
We take care of IT professionals' interests
"Companies have many employees, but a person has only one job. And he must be sure that this is exactly what is needed" – we sincerely believe in this quote of Laszlo Bock, Google's vice president of human resources.
We know the IT market

We track the ups and downs of salaries, the legislative developments in the industry, the demand for technologies and tools.
We share this knowledge with our partners.
We know all the nuances of the recruitment process
We have seen the work of IT companies from inside and outside, so we know what to pay attention to in the recruitment process.
We are trying to find a perfect fit
It is important to us that the wishes and requirements of the two parties – the company and the professional – really coincide.
We appreciate confidentiality

In the process of getting to know the company and candidates, we are trusted with a lot of different data. We appreciate it. We do not disclose information.
We look at the screen, but we always see a person

They say that soon IT recruiters will be replaced by bots. But not us :)
Oksana Kostikova
OKsee founder
the mover and ideological inspirer
expert on difficult candidates and happy customers

The cost of services is up to 12.5% of the annual income of the hired employee
Payment for the service takes place on the day the candidate starts work, signs a contract or an employment contract.
Internal database and networking are the main resource
If the selected candidate leaves the company within 3-6 months, we will find a new one. For free.
How we search for candidates
Professional and social networks, chats and channels in messengers
Referral recruitment
We collect as much information about the candidate as possible so that the company can make the right choice.
What does the candidate want
Motivation for consideration of job offers. The candidate's immediate goals and expectations. Stop factors. Income wishes.
What did the candidate do

Education. Availability of relevant experience. Success in performing similar tasks.
How will the candidate fit into the team
The ability to work in a team and fit into the company's culture. Open-minded, non-conflict, able to perceive criticism – this is what the best candidate looks like.
Credibility of the candidate

The ability to maintain good relations with the company during work and after quit.
The cost of the service depends on the cost of a work hour of the technical expert.
If necessary, we will find a technical expert to evaluate the candidate.
We are glad to have any interaction with IT specialists. We provide advice, we make friends. Free of charge :)
We know about vacancies that are important for companies and for which they are ready to pay for the search. Some of them will never appear on the open market.
The candidate does not need to pay anyone for employment at all!
We are really interested in what fascinates you. We will hear the candidate's wishes to a potential employer.
How can we be useful to an IT professional
We carefully handle the information that is trusted to us. We send your CV to someone only by agreement.
We always give feedback.
We delve into vacancies and profiles. We will not offer a Java developer to create a WordPress website.
And we just know how to be friends :)
We understand the market well: what's in the top, salary ranges and more. We are ready to share this information.
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