Trading Algo Developer
- Delve into trading strategies, engage in discussions with trading and business teams, and develop trading algorithms tailored to intricate strategy needs.
- Code and implement algorithms in Rust, utilizing low-level optimization techniques on our sophisticated HFT-class trading platform.
- Ensure the quality, reliability, and performance of developed algorithms by testing them extensively on our trading platform.
- Document the details of your algorithms thoroughly.
- Enhance existing trading algorithms to align them with evolving business trends and feedback.

Skills and Experience:
- Possess a robust background in HFT or algorithmic trading.
- Accumulate over 3 years of experience excelling in the software engineering domain.
- Demonstrate proficiency in coding.
- Maintain high motivation levels and demonstrate strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
- Hold a degree in Computer Science, Math, Physics, or a related field.

- Collaborate with a cohesive distributed team.
- Experience minimal bureaucracy.
- Absence of outdated technology.
- Swift transition from idea to market - just one day!
- Enjoy excellent working conditions, including a competitive salary, bonuses, and relocation opportunities.