Job responsibilities:
Work on JS/TS parsing and deobfuscation, static code analysis, and security/privacy RnD.

Solve non-trivial problems that require knowledge of web platform and networking.
Closely collaborate with developers on testing or fixing Web APIs, CDP, and automation frameworks.

Demonstrate personal autonomy and be self-guided, work on projects without clearly defined requirements.

Work with a team of world-class experts in privacy and security.

What makes you qualified (one or more):
Prior experience with web security-related projects (analysis or protection), and a strong desire to become an expert in this area.

Experience in building or bypassing web security systems, antibot protections, digital fingerprint solutions.

Reversing or protecting JS/wasm/or code in other web languages. Writing obfuscators or deobfuscators.

Experience with writing or using bots/scrapers/automation on the web.
Advanced experience with Chrome DevTools (working with snapshots/profiler/Proxy, etc.)

Understanding Chromium internals (tracing, webrtc, media), ability to read its C++ code.

Understanding of and/or hands-on experience with VM or compiler internals, especially V8.

Our tech stack:
TypeScript, JS, Python
RND Researcher