Founded in 2008, Solbeg provides premium quality IT services to customers across the globe. With extensive technological expertise and wide experience across industries, we develop high-end solutions, helping companies optimize business processes, boost performance, and thereby achieve strategic goals.

· SQL Server database administration
· Database design/development
· Development of SQL procedures, triggers, views, functions; SQL query optimization; index management
· Providing database architectural solutions
· Data warehousing tasks
· Monitor DB performance
· System performance and optimization tuning
· Good understanding of query execution plans
· Resolving complex database issues
· Manage database backup/restore
· Work with other engineers to troubleshoot, repair and performance tune databases

· Level of English: Good speaking and writing skills B1 or higher
· 2+ years MS SQL Development and solid Server Administration (2008R2 or newer)
· Comprehensive knowledge of Transact SQL, Stored procedures, Views, Triggers, Functions.
· Experience with SQL Server Integration services (SSIS)
· Experience with SQL agent jobs, dbmail, sqlcmd
· Experience with SQL Replication
· Ability to work in a rapidly changing environment.
· Ability to multi-task and context-switch effectively between different activities and teams.
· Strong collaboration and communication skills
· Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

· Experience with JIRA;
· Experience with Github, Teamcity
· Experience with Redgate DLM, SQL Sentry, powershell