Lead Content Manager
Fabros — успешная ИТ-компания, осуществляющая деятельность в сфере разработки и продвижения мобильных игр.

Основана в 2018 году.
Количество сотрудников составляет более 100 человек.

Одним из хитов Fabros является популярная раскраска по номерам Happy Color, входящая в топы на App Store и Google Play с десятками миллионов установок.
Happy Color is looking for a dedicated and passionate Lead Content Manager.

Happy Color is #1 USA and worldwide app in the coloring niche.

Happy Color has about 30 million monthly active users and 300 000 000 downloads since app creation in 2018.
Happy Color has a lot of unique pictures hand drawn by professional artists, as well as pics of famous characters, comics, cartoons etc. owned by well-known studios Marvel (© 2023 MARVEL), DISNEY (© 2023 DISNEY), Warner Bros (© 2023 WBEI)

1. Content Calendar Management:
- Maintain release calendar
- Manage and coordinate the daily activities of a content team
- Define & implement content strategy in collaboration with other key stakeholders

2. Content Creation & Curation:
- Curate the production of new coloring pages that resonate with audience
- Generate new ideas

3. Research & Insights:
- Monitor user feedback and analytics to identify opportunities
- Stay updated with design trends and integrate popular themes

4. User Engagement:
- Collaborate with the marketing team to promote new content releases through in-app notifications, social media, and other channels
- Collaborate with designers, developers, and marketing teams to enhance content visibility and user experience.
- Respond to user content requests or suggestions, fostering a sense of community

- Degree in Arts, Design, or Communication
- Creativity and the ability to develop original content
- Strong visual design sense with a keen eye for aesthetics
- Excellent organizational and teamwork ability
- Strong verbal and written communication skills

- professional growth (courses/events/conferences)
- working with the industry leaders
- no micro management
- medical insurance
- tasty breakfasts in the office
- taxi from home to office, from office to home paid by the company