Octo is looking for a Business Analyst to manage requirements and oversee the delivery of our existing and new products. The role will require someone intelligent, technical, and able to manage complex requirements that span several stakeholders and systems.

Moreover, this role requires strong communication skills, the ability to make things done, and constantly "ping" product owners for new ideas in detail.
Business Analyst
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Role responsibilities
  • Working as part of a cross-functional delivery team of developers, QA, marketing and product managers. Analyzing the requirements and ideas coming from product owners and designing new features that will address these requirements according to existing templates.
  • Managing requirements for the new frontend features as well as the backend systems and interfaces that allow company to earn more.
  • Contributing to a roadmap of features that reflect the priorities of the product owners and the wider business. Running regular prioritization sessions to capture the changing priorities.
  • Breaking complex requirements into smaller sets of deliverable features and working closely with the developers, QA and the wider delivery team to ensure timely and seamless delivery of these features.
  • Scoping the work for the MVP and subsequent iterations.
  • Creating artifacts that are ready to be picked up by developers and QA. Working closely with the team throughout the delivery cycle to ensure timely and seamless delivery of the new features.

  • Experience working as a business analyst or technical analyst in a cross-functional team using agile methodologies.
  • Strong understanding of SaaS.
  • Experience facilitating requirement workshops and gathering detailed requirements.
  • Experience scoping MVP and post-MVP iterations.
  • Experience managing product backlogs and prioritization.
  • Experience creating epics and detailed user stories.
  • Strong stakeholder management skills.
  • Understanding of APIs, client-server communication and data interchange formats.

Nice 2 have
  • Background in software development or testing.
  • Previous experience working for a SaaS company.
  • Knowledge of relational data schemas and SQL.